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Tree Shaping and the Benefits of Early Tree Training

Wondering how to get your apple tree to produce more fruit and lean in a certain direction? The answer is elemen-tree. Early training and pruning encourage trees to grow tall and strong. By pruning your tree a year after you plant it, you can direct the tree to provide shade exactly where you need it. […]

Storm Damage Clean-up Services

The residents of Prince William, Fairfax, and Loudoun Counties had to deal with flooding as a result of Tropical Depression Ida. Many homeowners’ yard trees took quite a beating from the heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. In fact, some of these trees may not recover if the proper steps are not taken to undo the effects […]

What’s The Difference Between Tree Topping and Tree Pruning?

This is a question that any property owner should know the answer to. We sometimes get requests for tree topping service, and we have to explain to the property owner that tree topping is not recommended. This post provides alternatives to tree topping and will explain why crown reduction is a much better tree pruning […]