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Round Hill Tree Maintenance

Genesis Tree Service provides tree care to the residents of Round Hill, VA, including tree removal and trimming, as well as land clearing and stump removal for residential and commercial properties. We have a great track record for excellent service and customer care and take great care to keep our customers' property looking great.

certified arborist from Genesis Tree Service cutting tree trunk

Arborist cutting down a tree

We understand that trees are an important part of our community and environment; they provide shade during the summer months and protection against winter winds in Virginia. They also help with air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere. For these reasons, we take pride in providing professional services to our customers. Our goal is to provide superior tree maintenance so you can enjoy all of their benefits for years to come.

Living in Round Hill, VA

In 1757, in an effort to mark the best way from Leesburg to a brewery in Northern VA, surveyors called the area Round Hill, and the name stuck. This charming and historic town in Loudoun County offers an oasis from the busyness of city life. At the same time, it is also an active town where those who love the outdoors can find endless opportunities to indulge their hobbies.

The surrounding farmland and tree-lined streets in Round Hill are a testament to the great role that nature plays here. It's no surprise that residents make every effort to preserve it.

Tree Trimming

Trees in Round Hill provide benefits such as shade during the summer months, protection against winter winds, and air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere. These would not all be possible if tree health is not well maintained. It is important to hire a reputable Round Hill VA tree care company to keep your trees healthy and prevent serious damage.

Tree care is more than just landscaping. Tree services like trimming involve taking off excess tree branches for a neat and tidy appearance. Tree trimming can also help with pest control while helping the tree grow thicker foliage. This is especially beneficial for mature trees that have suffered from wind or ice damage.

tree trimming and pruning by Genesis Tree Service

Certified tree expert pruning large trees

How are Tree Trimming Costs Determined?

There are many factors that affect the cost of tree maintenance services in Round Hill VA. These include the size and location of your property, as well as how much work is needed to achieve your desired look. We recommend scheduling an on-site consultation for a cost estimate and pruning recommendations based on your situation.

Tree Removal

Cutting down trees can be pricey in Round Hill, VA, but there are certain difficult situations where tree removal is the only option. Trees are sensitive to lots of factors; namely disease or damage that lead to things like falling branches.

Often rocks will force their way up from below on upper levels until they burst through causing rotting wood on both sides (this puts pressure on the trunk), or perhaps some animal has literally taken a bite out of the bark leading to rot. But regardless of what it is, if you notice dead branches, discolored leaves, or a general loss of foliage, it may be time to remove the tree altogether.

Tree removal by Genesis Tree Service

Dead tree removal by trained arborist

Is Professional Tree Removal Necessary?

You may want to attempt to cut down a tree on your own to cut costs, but tree removal services can be dangerous for an untrained homeowner. A falling tree can easily damage your property or injure you if proper safety measures are not taken. This would quickly prove much more costly than paying for expert tree services.

This is particularly the case for a dead or large tree, so it is best to leave such jobs to a reliable tree service professional. The expert arborists at Genesis Tree Service are extremely knowledgeable and have the skills and equipment required to guarantee a prompt tree removal anywhere in Round Hill, VA while also addressing any potential safety risks. Contact us today!

Stump Grinding and Removal

Stump grinding involves cutting the stump to align its height and diameter with the ground, after which they use an auger attachment on their chainsaw to grind it down below the ground level. Stump removal consists of removing a tree stump with sufficient depth that it will not interfere with future construction, and this involves removing its roots.

The time of day, the tree species, how close to your house it is, and how big it all affect the cost of grinding or removing a tree stump from your lawn. The larger or closer the job, the more expensive it gets.

licensed arborist grinding down a tree stump

The cost also varies depending on whether you want the service provider to dispose of the wood after the job or if you want to use them yourself. You can find out these details when you request a free estimate from Genesis Tree Service. You can always count on our crew to do a great job for a good price.

What Should I Do with the Remaining Sawdust?

Once a stump has been ground, the sawdust pile left behind should be monitored for a few days and swept up periodically over that time. This is important because wood chips can dry out and become a fire hazard in your backyard. After about a week, you can put it in your compost or burn it like other yard waste.

Tree and Land Clearing

Land clearing is often needed in Virginia when there are trees or buildings in your way. Taking down the trees can reveal a beautiful view, for instance. It is also required when repurposing a lot of land for construction or agricultural use.

The cost of land clearance will depend on the size of the property that needs to be cleared, its location, and the difficulty of the work involved. One thing to remember is that if you plan on clearing trees, you may have to pay stump grinder fees or stump removal fees as a separate service. Remember to ask about it during the initial consultation with the tree service provider.

tree clearing job by Genesis Tree Service

Tree experts perform land clearing job

Why Hire A Certified Arborist or Tree Service Company?

Hiring a professional tree service company in Round Hill, VA for land clearing is recommended because it can be dangerous for an untrained person. You should not attempt to do your own land clearing without the appropriate safety gear and equipment.

Bear in mind that this type of work often requires heavy-duty equipment like bucket trucks. Depending on the scope of work, a tree service company would be able to complete the job several times faster and with better results. The work site will also be cleaned up afterward.

Are you planning a land clearing project? Genesis Tree Service provides free estimates for homeowners in our local area on request. Contact us if you're looking for great service with fair and up-front pricing.

We are Here for You

Tree work is a necessary service that should be taken care of by professionals who know the risks and dangers involved. The cost can vary depending on various factors, but it's always best to hire a trained arborist for tree services if you want the best results. Remember that all tree service jobs require safety gear and equipment so don't take any chances when trying to cut costs!

Our team will make sure you've never stuck with an out-of-control situation again as we offer professional tree service in Round Hill VA.

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