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Woodbridge Tree Maintenance

Tree service companies are often sought after by Woodbridge area residents because tree care services help to maintain tree health. Genesis Tree Service has certified arborists in Woodbridge available to advise homeowners about tree pruning and the importance of tree care maintenance. Additionally, you can schedule a free estimate for any of our Woodbridge tree services. Our entire team of experts aims to help homeowners keep their backyard and trees healthy, safe, and beautiful through proper tree care.

Woodbridge, Virginia: Bedroom Community with lots of trees

Located just 20 miles southwest of Washington, DC, Woodbridge, Virginia is a great place to live. Woodbridge, VA is primarily a bedroom community within Prince William County, with easy access to highways leading to other major metropolitan areas.

Woodbridge is perfect for fast-paced city dwellers in northern Virginia because it gives them the chance to retreat to the luxury of country life if they so choose. Woodbridge is also adjacent to the popular Lake Ridge community, where tree maintenance services are regularly performed to keep the area looking pristine.

Woodbridge Tree Services by Genesis Tree Service

Tree care specialists performing tree service

Tree Trimming Service

Tree trimming is important because it prevents branches from growing out of control. If a tree's overgrown, it can become bent or buckled, and crown reduction and thinning helps prevent that. Pruning is another very important part of tree maintenance as it keeps large limbs from becoming heavy and overgrown. Professionals use pruning equipment to trim branches, which makes Woodbridge tree services critical for homes and commercial properties with trees nearby.

Why hire a certified arborist for tree pruning or trimming?

Arborists in Virginia attain their credentials through the ISA before providing any tree service, and only after undergoing a minimum number of hours in the field to gain experience. Working with one ensures your tree care services are performed by someone who has the skills to do them correctly. While trimming trees isn't a difficult task, an inexperienced tree service company can make mistakes that cost homeowners dearly.

tree pruning by Genesis Tree Service

Tree climbing by trained tree care specialist with proper safety gear

A common mistake made by inexperienced tree trimmers is a technique called tree topping; which means to drastically cut off a tree's top branches. While the idea is that it might give an illusion of height, it actually can stress and damage trees. It often will inhibit its ability to grow tall and even cause dead leaves and debris to accumulate on the lawn below.

Tree services from a certified, consulting arborist in Northern VA will also help to safeguard the health of your trees by performing safe tree climbing. This is a job best left for a licensed tree company because tree limbs become much more dangerous if they're wobbly or unstable. Furthermore, stabilizing the limbs prevents them from suffering any significant damage during the crown reduction process.

Woodbridge Tree Removal Company

If tree care services are not properly performed, homeowners could require emergency tree service when a dead tree in the yard has to be removed. Another instance when you may need the services of a tree removal company is if tree branches have grown together. This phenomenon is referred to as tree entanglement, and tree removal pros would be required to remove them. Tree entanglement can occur if branches grow too close together, which can cause the wood to decay.

Tree cutting by Genesis Tree Service

Tree expert cutting down a large tree

Will homeowners insurance cover cutting down a tree?

Many homeowners insurance policies in Prince William County and Northern Virginia only cover the cost of removing a tree in your yard if it is structurally unstable. Most insurance companies have essentially the same limitations when it comes to tree removal. For example, not everyone knows insurers won't cover the cost of removing diseased and dead trees as a preemptive measure. This is viewed as a normal part of yard maintenance so if these trees need to be cut down, the responsibility falls to you as the owner.

Homeowner insurance policies will typically cover the cost of emergency tree service for both removing and repairing the damage caused by a fallen tree. However, if they determine that you knew of the risk and failed to remove the tree which then falls onto a neighbor's home or property, you may be held liable for both the damage it causes and the cost of removing it. Free estimates from tree care companies should give you an idea of how much an emergency service will cost to remove a tree in your yard.

Stump Grinding and Removal

Tree removal services in Woodbridge and neighboring areas usually don't include stump grinding and removal, which would mean that the tree stump is left behind. It's useful to have tree stump removal performed as well because tree stumps can be hazardous. Tree stumps are dangerous for several reasons. Most tree trunks are hollow, and tree stumps can become host to tree termites. Tree stumps could also harbor unwanted tree roots that grow back up through the tree stump.

Can tree roots resprout after stump grinding?

Lake Ridge Tree Maintenance

Tree maintenance services in Lake Ridge VA

No, tree roots cannot resprout after the stump has been ground. Instead, they slowly deteriorate and decompose into the soil. Are you worried about a gaping sinkhole forming in your yard in a few years? The fact that the roots decompose into the soil means no vacuum will be left behind. Additionally, because it's a slow process, so you won't need to worry about your topsoil collapsing for at least a few decades.

What should you do to fill in the spot where the stump used to be?

This is a great opportunity for planting a new tree such as an ornamental landscaping tree or even a fruit tree. Just be sure to properly care for the newly transplanted tree by fertilizing it and frequently watering it, especially at first to make sure the roots take hold.

Tree and Land Clearing

Some tree service companies in Woodbridge, VA, including ours, also offer land clearing, which involves clearing a landscape cutting down trees on a site and then removing the plants, debris, and stumps afterward. This is usually done when preparing to repurpose a piece of land for a residential or business construction or agricultural use, for instance. The tree debris must then be removed because stumps and branches can ruin equipment, as well as stand in the way of important construction and agricultural operations.

Should you clear land on your own?

Land clearing work cannot be done successfully with just a chainsaw. When you need trees removed in a small area or a forest, working with an arborist reduces the risk of any damage and makes the work easier.

For larger land clearing projects, tree care companies use large machinery and tools in order to complete the task. Licensing and experience are required for people operating the equipment. Some of the many tools and machinery typically used for land clearing include bulldozers, excavators, and stump grinders, all of which require a good amount of skill before they can be safely handled. The good news is that tree clearing is among the many services we offer in Woodbridge and the surrounding areas.

Forestry mulching is another land clearing method provided by Genesis Tree Service. This process efficiently grinds trees, stumps, and vegetation into manageable pieces (mulch) that can then be left on site instead of hauling off as traditional land clearing typically requires. Since this requires the use of specialized equipment, we always recommend to our customers to not attempt it on their own.

Land clearing by Genesis Tree Service

Arborist performing tree clearing

Where can I get professional Woodbridge tree services?

When choosing a tree company, be sure to look for one with a certified arborist. You also need to hire a tree company that has liability insurance and holds regular safety meetings. Don't hesitate to ask lots of questions. Reputable tree companies will be happy to answer them. Look no further than Genesis Tree Service whenever you need quality tree work in Woodbridge – land clearing included.

We're an experienced tree service company, and our crews consist of fully licensed and fully insured experts and we make customer satisfaction a top priority. Check the dozens of five-star reviews we've received from happy customers who end up referring us to their neighbors, too. You can rest assured that we will get the work done right the first time with competitive pricing. Call us whenever you need tree service in Prince William County, Virginia:

  • Arborist Tree Care
  • Tree Trimming & Pruning
  • Tree Felling
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding & Removal
  • Storm Cleanup
  • Land Clearing
  • Bush Hogging
  • Brush Removal
  • Cabling & Bracing
  • Emergency Tree Removal


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