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Trees make any Northern Virginia landscape look great. If you need to liven up an area, you can just plant some trees and let nature take its course. The result will always make everyone happy. Over time though, trees can become hazardous as they grow and decay.

In the wild, nature handles all tree maintenance tasks on its own, but to keep your landscaped trees safe and aesthetically pleasing to all who walk by, you will need some high-level tree services. However, you cannot simply cut a few branches.

Tree pruning should be performed by a qualified arborist with an understanding of how trees will respond to each cut. Improper tree cutting can damage the tree for its entire life leading to worse problems down the road.
Tree specialist trimming and pruning a tree in Virginia

Reasons for Tree Trimming

You should never do tree trimming without a plan. Each branch you cut will affect how your tree grows in the future. Tree cutting should only be done as needed. Tree maintenance can eliminate many potential problems, but you should only trim as much as you need. If you remove too much, you can rob your tree of precious nutrients. You’ll be basically starving the tree to death.

Other reasons for pruning trees include increasing airflow and the amount of light that can pass through to the landscape below. With the right tree pruning service and tree care, people and trees can coexist in any environment.

When Is The Best Time To Trim or Prune Trees?

This is a question that our tree specialists are asked about quite frequently. In most cases (and for most tree species native to Virginia) it is during the winter months, between November and March, that is the ideal time for trimming and pruning because trees are dormant during that time.

It's also easier for a tree trimming company to prune trees when the surrounding vegetation has receded, so the arborist has a clear view of the tree's trunk and branches without leaves or other growth hindering access or visibility. Furthermore, there is less chance of insect infestation or a pruning wound contracting a disease during dormant months.

Arborists know the proper procedures for pruning. Tree trimming should only be done outside the branch collar. You never want to damage the collar as it controls the health of your tree. You only want to cut beyond it even if it’s connected to a dead limb or trunk. You need to undercut large limbs before you trim them to reduce their weight and to prevent the possibility of tearing the bark.

Tree Trimming Techniques

Tree trimming techniques come in many forms to handle different needs. Each one is needed to maintain a mature tree in a healthy, safe, and attractive condition.

  • Crown cleaning removes branches and limbs that may be dying or diseased
  • Tree thinning allows more light and air movement through the tree’s crown
  • Crown raising removes limbs from lower on the tree to provide clearance for vehicles, buildings and pedestrians
  • Crown reduction helps to reduce the size of the tree while keeping it structurally sound

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How Much Tree Pruning Do You Need?

Your trees sizes, species, and age will determine how much of it you need to trim. For instance, you can trim more from younger trees than you can for older, more mature ones. Also, trees recover from small trims faster than from large ones. Either way, you want to avoid over trimming your trees. You want to maintain an even distribution of foliage along with large limbs and in the lower portion of the crown. For the most part, you want to leave old trees alone. Mature tree trimming should only be reserved for emergencies such as when they become hazardous.

Dressing Open Wounds

Tree specialists everywhere agree that you should never cover up tree trimming wounds. Tree wound dressings do nothing for the tree. If you need one for cosmetic reasons, you should only use thin, non-toxic materials.

Contact professionals for Arborist services

Speaking of tree experts, except for the simplest of trims, you should hire an arborist for tree trimming service. Large pruning projects can be dangerous. The limbs can fall on you. You can fall off your ladder. If you need to trim trees above ground, need power equipment, or next to utility lines, you will need to hire a professional tree trimming service.

Genesis Tree Service can assess your exact tree trimming needs to improve the health, appearance, and safety of your trees. Tree care experts also have the training, tools, required safety equipment, and liability insurance to handle all the work safely.

How often do I need to have arborist service performed?

The frequency of arborist services in Northern Virginia depends on a variety of factors, including the size and age of your trees, the type of tree, and the climate in your area. Generally speaking, it is recommended that you have your trees inspected and serviced by an arborist at least once a year. This is especially important if you have large trees, as they are more prone to disease and damage.

Tree removal service

We all love trees. They give us shade on hot, sunny days. They make our properties beautiful and have even been shown to alleviate depression and other mental illnesses. We need trees, but sometimes we need to remove them. As much as we love our landscapes, sometimes tree removal is necessary when trees become a hazard to our lives and/or property.

Arborist preparing for a tree removal job

Tree service being completed by Genesis Tree Service

You should always seek the advice of qualified experts to ensure that your trees are removed properly and safely. Improper felling and lack of stump removal can leave root structures that can become problems down the road. Trees can even topple over in the wrong direction during the removal process causing damage, injury, or even death. These are exactly the type of situations that require the help of a local tree service.

Overgrown and Unkempt

When trees grow bigger than your lot can hold, you need to remove them. You may have planted them a safe distance away from your home and driveway, but years of growth can change things overnight. As roots grow outward in search of nutrients, they can push under your driveway and even breach your home’s foundation. This can cause your floor to shift rendering your home unlivable. Keeping your landscaping well maintained with proper care can prevent such tragedies from happening.

Hazardous Tree Felling

Dead and weakened trees pose health risks to you and your family. Weakened by disease or age, these trees can fall down suddenly without warning. Prompt hazardous tree felling can save your life by removing the decaying trees long before gravity or a strong windstorm blows it over onto your roof or car. Crane tree removal will safely and securely remove any hazardous trees that are in your yard. This is an important service to have for safety reasons. Call us immediately for a quick response when emergency tree service is needed.

Land clearing services in northern VA

Tree and land clearing service

Land Clearing Services

Clear cutting land for construction is an unfortunate side effect of progress. If you are expanding an existing building or building a new one, you will need to hire professional tree services to assess which trees and plants, if any, should be removed from your lot before your construction begins. Certified arborists are specialists that provide tree care services that can tell you which trees can safely remain. Your tree service can then remove the trees to ensure no roots remain to endanger your new build.

Planting or Relocating Trees

We love trees, which is why we keep them on our properties. Even when tree cutting is necessary, you may want to relocate it instead. You and your Virginia tree contractor can assess your property to see where your trees and shrubs would be perfectly safe. Your tree removal company can then move your tree there or plant a new one if your old one had to go. Either way, tree planting is good for the landscape and the environment.

Genesis Tree Service team member climbing

Genesis Tree Service arborist climbing a tree for removal Virginia

Average Tree Removal Cost

Pricing can play a large role in your decision to remove a tree. Even if you hire professional services for purely aesthetic reasons, you still have to deal with the costs and should compare prices. Most removal companies charge based on the height of the tree at a set fee-per-foot and split them into height categories. Then there’s stump grinding and removal which typically costs an additional fee.

However, there will be times when removal is absolutely necessary. These times include hazardous and emergency services. Dead tree removal and nearby power line and other dangers will all add to the cost. These additional fees often come from needing permits, and the contractor's liability and insurance requirements. Hazardous trees and emergencies offer more risk to the crew so it's best to plan for tree removal long before a situation gets out of hand.

Whatever your specific case, a northern Virginia tree service company typically can't give an adequate estimate over the phone. Tree experts need to survey the job before they can tell if you need full-on removal or if you could get by with just a pruning.

Contact Genesis Tree Service to schedule free estimates for tree services today. We have knowledge and experience removing trees across various landscapes in Virginia and have several locations throughout the region. Our tree contractors are licensed and insured and will provide documentation upon request. Call customer service on our 24-hour toll-free phone number: (866) 323-1676.

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