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Tree service companies provide essential services that keep Burke, VA looking green and vibrant throughout the year. Genesis Tree Service is among the top tree companies in Fairfax County and Burke, VA. We provide tree pruning, trimming, and removal, stump grinding and removal, as well as tree and land clearing. Our goal when we provide service is to achieve customer satisfaction on each and every project. Reach out to us today for the best customer service and high-quality tree services you can trust.

Living in Burke, VA

When you are looking for the perfect combination of the ease of suburbia along with the action that a big city offers, Burke is the perfect place to live in Fairfax County. Located just 20 miles from Washington D.C., the Burke, VA area is also a nature lover's paradise, offering lots of green spaces and outdoor options for residents. In this case, that big city is none other than Washington, D.C. Residents here enjoy backpacking, mountain biking, fishing, and more, so it makes sense that so many homeowners grow trees in their yards.

How dangerous is it to trim trees?

Trimming a tree can be dangerous if the tree has been dead or diseased for a while. The arborist will assess the tree's stability before starting work and if they feel it's unsafe, they might recommend cutting down the tree instead.

Another factor that might make trimming dangerous is the height of the tree. Pruning a tree that is very large would require specialized skills and tools. For instance, tree climbing involves special climbing equipment, and trimming from a great height necessitates tree pruning shears with long handles and harnesses. This is also why you want to leave such work to certified arborists in Burke, VA.

Genesis Tree Service tree climbing cables

Tree care service expert using cables to climb a large tree

What is the difference between an arborist and a tree trimmer?

The difference between a tree trimmer and an arborist is that a tree trimmer typically removes dead or diseased branches from the tree while an arborist focuses on maintaining its health. Arborists receive specialized tree care training to maintain tree health and handle tree emergencies, removals, and pruning as well as other horticultural disciplines. It is always advisable to hire arborists whenever you need tree care services. In addition, when choosing between arborist businesses in Burke, VA, choosing one with a 5-star rating on Angie's list or another reputable review site is highly recommended.

Why Should I Hire a Certified Arborist?

Hiring someone who has been certified as an arborist in Northern Virginia is crucial because not only do they have experience working on trees but also know what could happen if something goes wrong. Another benefit of hiring certified arborists is that they follow certain safety standards associated with their industry to help prevent accidents from happening in your yard. If you are looking for any type of ‘tree trimming service near me' for your Burke, VA property, contact Genesis Tree Service for free estimates.

Genesis Tree Service preparation for tree removal

Certified arborist prepares to cut down a tree in a yard

Common Reasons for Hiring Tree Removal Services

Are tree removal services necessary in Burke, VA? The short answer is yes. No matter what tree you have in your yard, removing it will be necessary at some point for the tree's welfare and for the safety of other trees and anyone near it. Here are just a few reasons why removing trees might be necessary:

The tree is rotten: Trees are living organisms so they can become sick and weak. A tree service professional will check the tree's health thoroughly before deciding whether to cut it down or prune it, but at some point, tree removal services in Burke, VA will need to be hired regardless of whether you have noticed any signs that your tree might be dying.

The tree is an attractive nuisance: This is a legal term that refers to any tree on private property that poses a significant risk of harm to the tree's surroundings. For example, if a tree in your yard is so tall that it extends over onto public property and endangers passersby, removing it may be needed to prevent accidents.

The tree is too close to power lines: The tree could be in danger of electrocution or falling on nearby houses if it is not removed. A tree service company in Burke, VA can remove the tree and prune any branches that are close to power lines without damaging anything else.

The tree is blocking your view: If a tree is in the way of something important, removing it might be necessary so you have unobstructed access to whatever it is you want or need to see clearly.

How much does it cost to cut down a tree near me?

Removing trees can cost anywhere between $400 and $1200 depending on the height of the tree, tree species, tree size, tree location (whether or not it's near a power line or removing it is technically difficult), and the tree removal company you hire. A dead tree may also cost more to remove in Burke, VA. Further, you should expect to pay more to remove trees if you also require cleanup, stump removal, and landscaping, or if you need emergency services.

If cutting down the tree doesn't seem necessary now and you can afford to get some pruning done, it will save you the cost of removing it. However, for safety's sake, it's important to get expert advice before making such a decision. You want to avoid emergency tree service as this will cost you even more. Call Genesis Tree Service when searching for ‘tree removal near me.'

Genesis Tree Service arborist cutting down tree

Professional tree service company worker cutting a tree trunk

When Do You Need Stump Grinding and Stump Removal?

Once a tree is removed, you'll probably want to get rid of the stump, especially if it looks unattractive, creates a safety hazard, or is in a spot where you wish to plant another tree. A tree stump can be removed in two ways: grinding it using a stump grinder, or completely removing it manually, or using chemicals.

Tree stumps are relatively easy to remove if you hire an experienced tree care professional to do it. Genesis Tree Service is your best choice whenever you're running a search for ‘stump grinding near me' in Burke, VA. Call today for your free estimate.

Should You Remove the Stump Immediately after Tree Removal?

Chemical stump removal should be carried out immediately after a tree has been cut down. In contrast, manual removal is usually easier if the stump has dried out due to aging; a green stump is more difficult to cut out than a stump with dried wood. However, leaving it in place is not recommended if the stump will attract pests or become a safety hazard.

Tree and Land Clearing

Land clearing in Burke, VA is typically done when large-scale clearing of trees is required so the lot can be repurposed for a project like a home or business construction, landscaping, or agricultural development. For this kind of service, the team will remove all the trees from an entire property, but it will also make sure that no tree remains are left behind. The following tree work is carried out during land clearing:

  • Removing vegetation (bushes, shrubs, and trees) and rocks
  • Grubbing (removing the stumps)
  • Ground leveling, including filling in the holes (especially important for landscaping)
Genesis Tree Service experts perform tree clearing

Certified arborists cutting down a large tree

Are you Looking for the Best Burke VA Tree Service Company?

If that's you, look no further than Genesis Tree Service. We are tree service specialists who are readily available to help you maintain and remove trees on your lawn. Our tree care team will plan all work with safety in mind and make sure that every tree is removed safely. We've been delivering great customer service for many years and our Burke, VA clients constantly give us 5-star ratings on Google. Call our tree service company for free estimates for the tree services you need.

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