Tree Removal

We all love trees. They give us shade on hot, sunny days. They make our homes and businesses beautiful. Plus, trees have even been shown to cure depression and other mental illnesses. We need trees, but sometimes we need our trees removed. As much as we love our landscapes of trees, we have to cut down any tree that no longer provides the shade we need or has otherwise become a hazard to our lives and properties.

That’s when we need to seek the advice of tree removal experts to see that our trees are removed safely. Improper removal can leave root structures that can become problems down the road. The tree can even topple over in the wrong direction during the removal process as well causing damage, injury or even death. These are exactly the type of situations that require the help of a professional tree removal specialist.

Overgrowth or close proximity

When trees grow bigger than your lot can hold, you need to remove them. You may have planted them a safe distance away from your home and driveway, but the years of growth can change things overnight. As roots grow outward in search for nutrients, they can push under your driveway and breach your home’s foundations. This can cause your floor to shift rendering your home unlivable. Professional tree removal can prevent such tragedies from happening.

Trees that pose a hazard

Dead and weaken tress pose health risks to you and your family. Weakened by disease or age, these trees can fall down suddenly at a moment’s notice. Prompt hazardous tree removal services can save your life by removing these decaying trees long before gravity or a strong windstorm crashes it into your roof or car.

Lot clearing

Tree removal is an unfortunate side effect of progress. If you are expanding an existing building or building a new one, you will nee to hire a professional tree removal service to assess which trees, if any, should be removed from your lot before your construction begins. A tree expert can even tell you which trees can safely remain. Your tree service can then remove the trees to ensure no roots remain to endanger your new build.

Consider Tree Trimming instead of removal

In some cases, you don’t need to remove trees from your lot. These nearby trees pose no threat to you or your business, and only need to be trimmed. Fortunately, most professional tree removal companies offer tree trimming services. These services will evaluate your problem to see if you only need a bit of tree trimming to keep branches away from your roofs or power lines.

Consider tree planting or transplanting trees

We love trees. That is why we keep them on our properties. Even when tree removal is necessary, you may want to move the tree instead. You and your tree removal service can assess your property to see where a tree would be perfectly safe. Your tree removal company can then move your tree there or plant a new one if your old one had to go. Either way, tree planting is good for the landscape and the environment.

Tree removal costs

Tree removal costs will largely dictate your course of action. Even if you are hiring professional tree removal services for purely aesthetic reasons, you still have to deal with the costs and compare prices. Most tree removal companies charge based on the height of the tree at a set fee per foot split them into height categories. If your tree is exceptionally tall, you may want tree trimming services instead. Then there’s stump removal which typically costs an additional fee.

However, there will be times when you will need tree removal services and have to pay the higher fees. These times include hazardous and emergency tree removals. Dead tree removal and nearby power line and other dangers will all add to the removal. Usually these extra fees come from the higher licensing, liability, and insurance requirements for these tree removal situations. Hazardous trees and emergencies offer more risk to the workers so you need to call in the tree removal long before things get worse.

Regardless of your situation, your professional tree removal service cannot give you an adequate estimate over the phone. They need to see the tree before they can tell if you need to remove it or not. Contact Genesis Tree Service to schedule a free tree removal estimate today.

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