Benefits of Mulch & Tree Mulching Services in Falls Church

What is the purpose of mulching trees?

Mulch is a layered mixture of organic material that has been spread over the soil surface to improve its appearance. A fresh layer of mulch is the best way to bring your landscape to life. Not only does mulch make your plants look great, but it also provides several positive benefits, such as preventing excessive weed growth and competition for water.

Spreading mulch around trees for landscaping is not to be confused with tree mulching, also known as forestry mulching. We will cover what forestry mulching is and what to look for when hiring a tree mulching service later in this post.

Photo of mulch piled up after a tree mulching service in Falls Church VA

Mulch piled up after a tree mulching service

Benefits of Mulched Landscaping in Falls Church, VA

Adding mulch to your yard will give it a clean, finished appearance. Bark mulch is ideal for use around trees and landscape plants. According to old research, mulch can cause deficiencies in plants by tying up soil nutrition as it breaks down. The nitrogen deficiency only exists at the mulch/soil surface and has no impact on established tree roots, as proven by further research.

Organic mulch offers additional benefits besides just improving curb appeal. Some of the benefits include:

  • Retains moisture in the soil to help keep the plant nourished
  • Prevents weeds from growing (weed control)
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Depending on what type of wood is mulched, mulch can repel insects (pest control)

How to mulch around your trees roots

Mulch is great for the environment and your tree's health. Mulch should be 2-3 inches deep around your trees to protect them from harsh weather conditions, such as cold winters or hot summers. The extra layer provides insulation to keep the roots warm in wintertime and cool during summer heat waves. This creates optimum growing conditions so that it can grow big strong leaves! Mulched areas also add nutrients back into soil which help with root growth too.

Tree mulching is the process of removing the top layer soil and replacing it with a natural resource such as woodchips. The most important factor to consider when tree mulching is making sure that this material does not get too close to the tree's trunk; typically 1-2 inches away from the base will suffice.

Watering landscaping trees with drip irrigation is fairly common in Falls Church, Virginia. Drip irrigation feeds plant roots slowly. The root zone is moist but not waterlogged, allowing for optimal root growth. It also reduces flooding and drying stress on roots.

Studies show that drip irrigation saves up to 70% more water than sprinklers. Watering the root zone rather than the aisles between rows reduces weeds. Since nutrient concentration occurs near water, drip irrigation saves nutrients by allowing the root zone to retain more water.

Cover drip lines around trees with mulch such as wood chips, dry grass clippings, straw, hay, or compost to save water. Less evaporation occurs when mulch is present. Mulch also controls annual weeds. Mulch shades soil and prevents weeds from germinating, but remove all weed seed from mulch before applying.

Falls Church Tree Mulching Service

Tree mulching is not the same thing as spreading mulch around trees. Mulching trees is a process for clearing land of trees and vegetation to make way for development and construction. Traditional land clearing methods typically used the pile-and-burn method where trees would be felled and pushed into large piles to be burned.

Modern land clearing uses forestry mulching equipment to shred and grind trees and brush into mulch to be recycled back into the ground.

What is Forestry Mulching?

In densely wooded areas, forestry mulching may be the best option. To improve the forest's topsoil, forestry mulching uses one huge piece of equipment to shred trees into mulch.

Forestry mulching equipment ranges from skid steers to excavators with attachments. The tool has a rotary drum with steel teeth. They “eat” trees by grinding their bark, leaves and roots into soil-nourishing nutrients.

Unlike traditional forestry, forestry mulching is a one-step clearing. On-site recycling saves trees from being cut down and sold as lumber. Both options have value depending on your needs and the land, though forestry mulching is gaining popularity.

Because forestry mulching has many benefits. Most places don't require a permit for tree clearing. You also won't have to worry about erosion or soil degradation. Traditional methods cause soil compaction, erosion, and topsoil destruction.

Traditional tree clearing is a time-consuming, lengthy, inefficient process involving multiple pieces of equipment. Forestry mulching is a one-step process. Moreover, forestry mulching does not necessitate hauling or burning. So you save money.

Plus, forest mulching works well in muddy or wet conditions. Traditional tree clearing is more weather dependent, requiring relatively dry soil.

Forest mowing may be an option in areas with brush and small trees but no large trees. Forest mowing can remove 8-inch-diameter trees and brush. It's ideal for clearing trails and invasive species. The mulch left behind will feed woodlands and encourage native growth. Forest mowing is popular for trail and park maintenance.

Forestry Mulching Fairfax County VA

A tree mulcher is used for forestry mulching

Additional Mulching Services

Consider brush mulching or hydro ax mulching in addition to standard forestry mulcher services. Brush mulching is exactly that. Brush mulching mulches shrubbery and underbrush rather than large trees. Like forestry mulching, this is usually done on-site by professionals, making it a one-step process.

Hydro ax mulching is a specialized mulching method. The hydro ax blades rise to the top of small trees and then descend, destroying everything in their path. For larger trees, the blades hack at the trunk until it falls. Then a professional team will use a hydro ax to mulch the fallen tree. A hydro ax is entertaining to watch! But this bulldozer-wood chipper combo clears trees quickly. It's a great way to get rid of large trees and brush quickly. Because it's dangerous, you'll need to hire a pro.

What is the average cost of mulching services?

The cost of clearing land varies depending on your needs. The land type and your project requirements will all influence the final land clearing cost per acre – typically about $2 per square foot – which quickly adds up to thousands of dollars when clearing multiple acres. However, in heavily wooded areas or where trees are exceptionally tall, these costs can be much higher.

Forestry mulching instead of tree clearing may save you money. Forestry mulching removes trees and brush like tree clearing, but at a lower cost. An acre of land usually costs $400-600. You won't even have to pay for cleanup. Instead, it stays to help the soil.

Brush clearing costs less, sometimes only a few hundred dollars per acre. But it depends on the brush density. In overgrown areas, costs may rise.

And these are all estimates. They don't include labor costs, which vary by location. They also don't include fees like a new survey if yours is out of date. Getting multiple bids from Fairfax tree clearing companies is always the best way to go.

Ready for a mulching service or forestry mulching price quote? Call Genesis Tree Service Fairfax to request free estimates.

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