Spring Brush Fires

With the warmer weather starting to arrive, brush fires have been breaking out in the West Virginia and Maryland areas. Not nearly so far away from our Prince William County homes as we might wish:

Brush fires break out in Prince George, Henrico

Two separate brush fires jammed Interstate 295 Friday, with one hotspot in Prince George close to a neighborhood with dozens of homes. …

A brush fire is essentially a wildfire, though usually on a smaller scale. PHOS-CHEK WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE’s definition is as follows:

Fire“A brush fire is a type of wildfire. Brush fires are one of eight different classifications of wildfires. Brush fires are generally characterized by the type of vegetation that the fire is fueled by. While a brush fire may occur anywhere that there are wildfires, brush fires are most common in desert hills or places of prolonged drought.”

With spring finally upon us and lots of yard work, farming, and tree trimming going on, it’s a popular time to be burning piles of brush. But only last week a farmer burning some brush ended up causing a brushfire:

As spring arrives, so does the possibility of brush fires, firefighters caution

Several days ago, a farmer burned a large pile of debris at his Darnestown, Md. farm, and he thought it had been safely extinguished. But on Thursday, as he used a front-end loader to move the ash pile…

As the above article clearly points out, the danger from fires can come long after we think the fire is out. If you’re looking for ways to get rid of your tree clippings, your Woodbridge tree service can offer you some suggestions. If you’re going to burn them, be careful to ensure that there are not hot ashes or anything left. You may pay a price if you do not.

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