The 6 Top Reasons for Residential Tree Removal

There have been several warnings in Northern Virginia recently concerning possible flash floods and even tornados. For homeowners with lots of trees in Prince William County, VA, this may have meant more than simply ensuring they were home when the weather got bad. Weak trees also pose risks for homes, property, and people around them during such weather events. It is sometimes best to get a residential tree removal service to take down such trees.

Unfortunately, professional tree removal is by no means a cheap service. If you're the kind of homeowner who likes to make smart investments in your home, you may want to be sure that paying that steep fee is worth the cost. In this post, we'll lay out the scenarios when tree removal may be the best course of action to take, despite the cost.

residential tree removal in Prince William County by Genesis Tree Service Manassas

Professional arborist during tree removal job

How much does tree removal cost?

Simple tree removal is often inexpensive and quoted on a per-tree basis usually somewhere between $250 and $1,500. However, a tree removal services in Manassas will typically not provide a total price until they have all the details about the tree removal project, which is exactly how it should be. After all, each circumstance is unique, and no two jobs are identical.

The average price for a tree felling project varies according to the liability involved, the condition of the tree, its size, and the quantity of trees (and tree stumps) that must be removed and hauled away.

Additional cost factors affecting the average price include the following:

  • Type of tree
  • Height on average (how many feet tall is the tree?)
  • Is the tree alive and in bloom, or is it dormant?
  • Is there a single trunk or multiple trunks?
  • Is it a single tree or a group of trees?
  • Is it close to power lines?

The cost of tree removal is also adjusted for the density of the wood to be cut. Because pine is a softer wood than oak, pine tree removal is typically much less expensive than oak tree removal. Both of these tree species are widespread in Virginia.

Certified arborist removing a tree

Genesis Tree Service removing a tree

How much does emergency tree removal cost?

Whenever a tree is in danger of falling, it is necessary to have it immediately removed by a professional. Urgent or emergency tree removal will cost even more than if the service can be scheduled ahead of time. Emergency tree removal can cost you up to $2,000 or even more because of the urgency of the situation.

When you do need emergency tree removal services, there is no time to waste. Time is money and when your trees are in danger of falling, it is important to act quickly. This will help you prevent further costly problems such as damage to your property or bodily injuries on you or a loved one. Ultimately, it is always better to take down problematic trees early before such tasks turn into emergencies.

What are the most common reasons for residential tree removal?

1. Structural problems such as decay, cracked trunks, and branches

When trees become diseased or are invaded by pests, this weakens the trunk and branches, which are what gives the tree its structure. A tree's structure may also become weak simply as a result of the tree's age, or lack of nutrients or water.

Once the structure is weakened, the tree loses its balance, and branches could easily fall off and cause damage to nearby buildings, vehicles, or other property. Such branches could also injure passersby. Similarly, the tree may not be able to withstand bad weather conditions, and serious damage may occur. Sometime this can be resolved with tree trimming to remove the weak branches, but if the tree is too far gone it should be removed entirely.

It is important to remove trees whose structure has been compromised before they create safety hazards to the surrounding property as well as people. For instance, a tree falling onto the roof of your house could damage it and cause problems with leaks and even water damage. A tree that has been damaged so severely that it will not survive harsh weather should also be removed as soon as possible.

2. Trees that are inconvenient for their location

Sometimes trees grow too large and become an inconvenience when they block out light or limit visibility. In such a situation, one may choose to move the tree to a different location, or get rid of it altogether.

When a tree's root system is not fully developed, the roots may be able to damage other structures or objects around it. For instance, the roots of a tree can cause damage to the building or foundations. This is especially true for residential properties. In this situation, the tree may be pruned or removed entirely if it can be relocated to a more appropriate place that is not in danger of being damaged by the roots.

3. Diseased or dead trees

When trees are growing close together, a disease that affects one of them can easily spread to the surrounding trees. To prevent such a situation, it may be necessary to cut down the diseased tree in order to protect the rest. In such situations, it may be necessary to have the tree removed as soon as possible.

A tree is considered dead if it no longer produces leaves, or if the roots are exposed. A dead tree may be dangerous if it falls over and causes damage but can also pose a safety hazard because the branches become loose or damaged. Dead trees should be removed quickly, especially when they pose a danger to the health or safety of people or other living things.

Dead trees can also pose a health hazard since they carry insects or animal nests, so they should be removed to prevent the spread of disease. When removing a dead tree, the surrounding area should be cleared to prevent injury from falling branches or other debris that might be on the ground.

residential hazardous tree takedown by Genesis Tree Service

Heavy-duty residential tree removal equipment

4. Trees in the path of construction

Trees may need to be cleared from an area that has been set aside for construction, whether this is for a residential or commercial building. The reason for this is that construction requires a lot of space, and if the trees are still there, they will block the path of building vehicles or equipment. In such situations, it may be necessary to have the trees removed so that work can go on as planned.

Clearing trees for construction is in most cases best done by a professional tree removal company. This is because they have the heavy-duty equipment and skills required for this sort of work. Additionally, tree clearing for construction also involves removing the tree roots so they don't interfere with the construction. Getting rid of well-established tree roots can be quite difficult, especially for older trees. This sort of specialized work is best left to experts with proper tree root removal tools for desirable results.

5. Trees that were poorly planted

If the trees were planted in a manner that was not right, they may have to be removed. For instance, trees that are poorly located may grow too tall and interfere with power lines, or their roots may interfere with the area landscaping or adjacent roads or streets. Such trees would need to be removed to prevent present or future damage to the surrounding property.

Sometimes, trees are planted in areas where they could not have been expected to grow. For instance, the trees may have been planted long before the area changed and they may no longer fit. Other times, trees are planted in a manner that they will not grow to be the size they were expected to be. For instance, one tree was planted close to another and over time has grown into a bigger tree. The space between the two trees has become too small to allow them to grow into their expected size and they need to be removed.

A tree can also interfere with the area around it and may need to be removed. For instance, an old fence line used to be in a lawn but over time the tree has grown into the area where the fence once was and is now blocking the fence.

6. Trees that cost you more in the long run

Certain tree species create a mess when they shed their leaves, requiring lots of cleanups. Some trees are known to produce a lot of fruit and can create a serious mess in your yard. For instance, willow trees can produce hundreds of red berries in just one season, and it can be a hassle to mow all the branches and leaves. In the end, such trees might prove more problematic than beneficial to the homeowner.

Other trees may not be attractive or healthy, which could be a huge problem if you want to sell your home. Curb appeal can affect the kind of offers you get for your home, and an unattractive tree could even cause prospective homebuyers to look for other options.

​Other Safety Issues

Trees can sometimes pose a threat to nearby properties, utilities, and people. Examples include:

  • When they grow too close to power lines
  • When they are in the way of other utilities like gas lines or telephone/cable lines
  • When they grow too close to other properties and pose a threat to people and other trees
  • When their branches or roots grow around the home’s foundation and cause problems with drainage and seepage
  • When the roots grow too deep and start to damage the structure of your house

What is the process for having your trees removed?

A professional arborist will first assess the tree and perform a safety inspection and survey to determine the health of your tree and how it affects the other trees around it. Next, the problematic tree or trees are removed from your property. Any hazardous trees that could cause damage should be removed, as well as potentially dangerous tree limbs that could fall on your house, or damage it if they hit the roof.

Residential tree removal in Bull Run, VA should be left to a professional arborist due to the safety issues involved. There are lots of moving parts that become obvious only after the tree removal process starts. For instance, removing dead or damaged trees can be dangerous as the tree could fall in any direction due to its poor structure.

residential tree removal by Genesis Tree Service

Proper safety measures are taken during residential tree removal job

Proper safety protocols and equipment would be required to prevent damage or injuries on the property or people around. A trained and certified arborist would be needed to ensure this is done. After all, you don't want yours to be another one of the many residential hazardous tree takedowns that have gone wrong in Manassas. Additionally, a professional tree company would have the tools for residential tree removal that most homeowners are unlikely to have in their garages.

What should you look for when hiring a residential tree removal company?

When hiring a residential tree removal company in VA, you should look for one that is licensed and insured. You also should make sure that the company has a good reputation and references. The company should be able to provide you with a list of its customers, and the length of time they have been in business. It is also important that the company has a good safety record. Testimonials from past customers and online reviews are great resources for establishing what kind of reputation the company has.

If you are looking for safe tree removal services in Prince William County, reach out to Genesis Tree Service Manassas today. We are a leading 5-star residential tree removal company in Manassas with certified residential arborists on our team who are ready to assist with all your tree service needs. We'll provide you with a free estimate and be transparent about the cost of tree removal services. Call us today.

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