Residential Tree Care Services: 5 Pro Tips For Keeping Your Trees Healthy and Beautiful in Bristow, VA

Why are Residential Tree Care Services important in Bristow, VA?

Homeowners in Bristow VA and Prince William County can keep their trees healthy by working with local residential tree care services. A recent report warned the spotted lanternfly had been spotted in Northern Virginia. Homeowners and forest managers in Prince William County have been asked to look out for this pest as it poses a threat to the trees in their yards.

The spotted lanternfly is a very small insect that lays its eggs on the bark of trees and shrubs. These eggs hatch into larvae, which look like little white maggots with black spots on their bodies. Once they have hatched, these pests feed off the trees and spread fungal diseases. These insects can also wreak havoc in large forested areas like the Conway Robinson State Forest.

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Forest management includes tree care services in Prince William County

The goal of tree care is to keep trees in the best possible shape so that they can continue to provide homeowners with clean air and beautiful shade. Homeowners in Bristow VA and Prince William County should be aware of five key areas in tree care that are vital to the survival of their trees.

1. Prune dead, diseased, or unsafe branches

Pruning is a necessary part of tree care because it allows the tree to grow more and better branches. It also helps prevent diseases, pests, and injuries from happening. Pruning involves lopping off unhealthy limbs and dead branches on your trees. You can prune up to 70% of a tree's healthy branches every year without harming the tree. Removing these dead limbs will also help protect the tree from dangerous diseases such as Dutch Elm Disease and Emerald Ash Borer.

In summer, however, pruning for most trees in Prince William County should only be done when absolutely necessary. This is because trees need have to withstand a lot of pressure in the summer season, so putting them under more pressure through unnecessary pruning is not recommended. Pruning is only done in the summer months to get rid of dead or unhealthy branches that compromise its health.

Pruning too much, too little, or at the wrong time could prove detrimental to the health of your trees. If you are not sure about how to go about it, reach out for assistance from a residential tree trimming Bristow, VA company.

2. Remove weeds

Weeds such as dandelion, thistle, chickweed, and burdock are among the most common pests that trees are often exposed to in their life. These weeds literally suck out all the nutrients and water from your tree to the point where they will actually cause it to die. If left unchecked, these weeds will only worsen the problem until your tree is almost dead, or worse yet, killed outright.

The first step in removing a weed from your tree is to identify it. It's best to learn the signs of your particular weed so that you know when you are dealing with a particularly stubborn one and how to deal with it accordingly.

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3. Water your trees properly and often

Watering is probably the most important part of tree care. It's the most important thing you can do to keep your trees healthy and beautiful all year round. Proper watering in the summer is particularly important because it allows your trees to develop strong root systems that can tolerate the stress of summer heat. If you are not watering often and properly in the summer, you will likely see a tree struggling as it dries out and develops stress.

Plants are susceptible to damage from the extreme summer heat. A study from Virginia Tech University found that trees and shrubs can lose as much as 29% of their leaves when the temperatures rise above 84 degrees. The physiology of trees is such that they cannot tolerate extreme heat without water, so if you don't provide them regular watering during the summer months, they will likely die.

4. Apply fertilizer properly

Fertilizing is another very important part of maintaining your trees. It is a good idea to fertilize in the fall so that the tree will receive nutrients throughout the rest of the year. If you wait until spring, then you'll need only to apply nutrients twice in the year – spring and the following fall.

Different plants require different fertilizers. For example, a rose bush should be fertilized with an iron-rich fertilizer. Dark leafy trees like oak, cherry, or walnut require a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. If in doubt about the kind of fertilizer that is right for your trees, contact a local arborist or residential tree care services for expert advice.

5. Inspect your trees regularly

Regularly inspecting your trees will enable you to detect problems early and take appropriate action before they become severe. The most common tree problems that occur in the summer are pests and diseases.

Pest Inspection

Pests that feed on trees during the summer months can take away vital nutrients that trees require to survive. You will not know whether the health of your trees has been threatened by a pest like the spotted lanternfly, for instance, if you are not looking out for the insect. Insects can either be beneficial or harmful to trees, so it's important to know which ones to be wary of.

Disease inspection

You will know that a tree is diseased when you notice things like discoloration or sudden lumpy growths on the trunk, branches, leaves, and needles. The two most common summer diseases are:

  • Anthracnose  – a disease caused by a fungus that infects leaves, needles, and stems. It causes yellow or brown patches on the branches of the tree.
  • Sooty mold – a disease caused by fungi that attack the needles and stems. It causes dark spots on the branches of the tree, which can lead to a thick coating of sooty mold on the branches.

A healthy tree will have a smooth surface. If you are worried about disease, the best thing to do is to take a look at your tree regularly and check for any suspicious symptoms. If you do notice any worrying signs, contact certified arborists or residential tree care services for assistance.

Be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best

It's important to have a plan in place for how you will deal with a tree that has become diseased, but it is equally important to try not to let things get too out of hand. Do your research, take heed of what you find, and always have a plan in place. An even better approach would be to schedule regular tree inspections with trusted residential tree care services in your area. That way, any potential problems will be identified and dealt with promptly.

There are situations when a diseased tree cannot be fixed and would have to be removed to prevent the disease from spreading. When this is the case, you would need a residential tree removal company in Bristow to get the job done. Additionally, once a tree has been cut down in your Bristow, VA home, you may need residential tree stump removal services as well.

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Professional Residential Tree Care Services in Prince William County

From the points discussed above, any smart homeowner will be able to appreciate the importance of professional residential tree care services. While a typical homeowner may not know what to look out for on trees in terms of pests or diseases, or the proper tree actions to take during specific times of the year, an arborist will.

Working with a certified arborist for proper tree care will prove useful in keeping your trees healthy and looking beautiful throughout the year. Genesis Tree Service Manassas is a leading residential tree care service company serving in Prince William County. We have certified arborists ready to assist you to keep your trees in optimal condition throughout the year. Call us today for any residential tree care services you need in Bristow, VA.

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