Powder Coating Victoria

Powder Coating Victoria

Tower Fence provides exceptional powder coating throughout Victoria, for metal, glass and some types of plastic. Whether you have a fence, patio furniture, lamp post or other outdoor items that you wish to have powder coated, Tower Fence can certainly provide you with the service you’re looking for.

Of course, the main benefit of powder coating in Victoria is to provide a weather-resistant, durable and scratch-resistant finish to outdoor items to increase their lifespan and protect against the effects of UV rays and rust, often associated with being left out in the elements. The perfect powder coating is applied as a powder using an electrostatic charge and then cured at 400 degrees. Customers love the array of colours, finishes and textures available in powder coating.

The coating ovens at Tower Fence measure 10 foot high by 22 foot long and will accommodate materials that are all shapes and sizes within the height and length restriction. They are able to powder coat car and bike parts, benches, fire hydrants, handrails, tractor and fork lift parts, custom gates, outdoor furniture and fences of all shapes and sizes. Tower Fence provides sandblasting, priming and powder coating throughout Victoria at a very affordable price.

Tower Fence owns two complete powder coating facilities: one in Victoria and one in Courtenay. The fully trained and highly experienced technicians have applied this process to almost any item you can think of. Regardless of the item you need to have powder coated, you’re assured a thin, even and perfect powder coat every time.

You may be worried that your choice in colour or item involved is too radical for Tower Fence- take heart! Nothing will faze them. Most of their work involves powder coating parts for bicycles, motorcycles and all kinds of mechanical devices, but it doesn’t stop there. So if you have a custom part or item that you need to match a colour on your project, it’s not going to be a problem.

If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you may be thinking about installing a fence around your property. Tower Fence has been installing solid concrete fences for more than a decade and manufactures all of their concrete products right on-site. They pour wood, brick and stone styles and concrete ranch rail style fences that are available in 2 or 3 horizontal rails. Some of the benefits homeowners appreciate about concrete fences include:

– Being virtually maintenance-free. Dirt can be power washed off without any damage to the fence.
– Fence is reinforces with rebar and fiber mesh for a superior product
– Concrete is a superior wind and sound barrier
– Offers one of the strongest and long-lasting fences available

For high quality fences and exceptional powder coating throughout Victoria, call Tower Fence at 250-478-9733. You’ll find Tower Fence offers the highest level of customer satisfaction in the area and strives to meet the needs of every client. To learn more about their powder coating process, visit online at towerfence.ca.

Powder Coating Victoria

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Powder Coating Victoria

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