Man Killed in Tree Accident

That big old tree in your yard finally fell down. Being a do-it-yourself individual, your plan is to ask a couple of friends with chainsaws to come help you out, and you’ll have that tree chopped up and out of there in no time. What could go wrong?

Before you proceed with your plan, read this story:

Virginia man dies in tree accident, daughter injured in crash en route to see father

HILLSVILLE, Va. — A Virginia man died in a tree accident on Wednesday and his daughter was seriously injured in a crash while en route to see her father, according to The Carroll News. …

Cutting up a fallen treeThis man wasn’t trying to do anything particularly difficult with the tree. He wasn’t trying to remove a live tree, nor move the fallen one. All he was doing was cutting it up – and it cost him his life. What makes this story even scarier is that this didn’t occur halfway across the country. It was here in Loudoun County, Virginia. Not that far from our Ashburn-area homes. Any work involving large trees is dangerous, and I strongly encourage to hire an Ashburn tree service to do the job for you.

If, however, you are bent on doing the job yourself, at the very least be sure to take more safety precautions than you think you need. This article should give you some tips, but it is by no means an exhaustive list:

Cutting up a dead tree that is already down

Cutting wood is doubly satisfying for me. Not only am I keeping my house warm, but I’m cleaning up. Here on the farm trees fall down and drop branches all the time. When I moved back to the farm in 1999, I had a wood stove and a teacher’s salary. …

If you’re using a chainsaw, it is vitally important that you are comfortable with it before you try to cut anything large. Experiment on small branches and the like to get you accustomed to the feel, and always work with a partner.

Even if you don't want a professional to do the job, you can still have someone come in and examine the situation. He can then help you know exactly what you need to do to safely deal with your tree. A good Ashburn area arborist will also give you his honest opinion on whether or not the job can be done by a non-professional safely. Learn from the mistakes of others and know when it’s time to let someone else do the job.

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