Pesky Pests

It’s a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping. You walk out to look at your beautiful budding trees – only to see them crawling with insects. Virginia has a strong bug population because so much of it is wooded, and Leesburg is no exception. Tree damaged by bugsUnfortunately those bugs don’t stay in the woods and instead move into your beautiful dogwood trees. We don’t call them ‘pests’ for nothing. Tree-damaging insects tend to fall into one of three categories: the boring, chewing or sucking insects:

About Tree Insects

Countless insects live on, in, and around trees – many are harmless, while others can cause fatal damage. Below is a general description of the three main types of insect that affect trees. …

Really the only sure way to protect your trees from bugs is to employ some kind of spray. These sprays come in all different varieties, so do your research to determine which best suits your situation:

How To Protect Your Trees & Shrubs From Insects & Disease

Fleas & Ticks
Perimeter spraying of low-lying shrubs to minimize populations of fleas and ticks. Usually done once per month, 3 – 4 times a year (Recommended) …

You might also consider an oil spray, which is generally more environmentally-friendly than any of the other sprays. Oil sprays do harm a few kinds of trees, however, so you do need to be careful:

A safe way to protect trees

Horticultural oil sprays have been used for more than a century on fruit trees to control insects and disease. Traditionally, these sprays, aimed at killing overwintering insects, were applied in late winter while trees were dormant. …

If you’re looking for more information, the following article gives tips on when to spray, what sprays to use, and even some other uses for sprays besides killing bugs:


Spraying is a useful way to treat many pests and diseases.  Unfortunately there are many companies that “sell spray” and do spraying indiscriminately.  Those companies seem to suggest that spraying can cure all problems. …

For help and advice, don’t hesitate to contact a professional tree service in Leesburg. They’ll get you on the right track in no time.

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