Those Leesburg Squirrels…

Like many of us who live in Northern Virginia or the Loudoun County area, I live in an area with a lot of trees. A lot of trees usually means a lot of birds, so we have a large variety of feeders out on our deck. However, a lot of trees also means a lot of squirrels. My family has tried just about every supposedly ‘squirrel-proof’ bird feeder on the market. None of them have been fully successful. Sure, some of them might make it difficult for the squirrels, but they almost invariably find a loophole. Our squirrels have been known to figure out how to remove the pins keeping the lid fastened on and then simply climb inside. If that doesn’t work, they will pull the entire feeder off whatever it’s hanging on and hope it breaks when it falls to the ground.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

I know some people consider them pests, but I’ve always been impressed by them. It’s so entertaining to watch them try to figure out how to solve problems. In reality, squirrels are very intelligent:

Just How Intelligent ARE those Pesky Squirrels?

Anyone who tries to keep bird feeders on their property knows just how sneaky and intelligent squirrels can be. No matter what great lengths you may go to, squirrels seem to find a way of getting to your bird feeders and keeping many of the birds away. …

As everyone knows, squirrels love to eat acorns from oak trees. If you’ve got a beautiful oak tree on your property, chances are you’ve got a squirrel to thank for it:

One paw washing the other: Oak trees and squirrels have evolved to help each other

If you think the squirrel needs the oak tree more than the oak tree needs the squirrel, Michael Steele has some news for you: They both need each other. …

If you want to keep those beautiful birds in your yard, and keep those entertaining squirrels around to amuse your children, you’re going to want that beautiful oak tree to last. For tips on appropriate tree care, contact your local Leesburg tree service today.

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