Leesburg Curb Appeal

Curb appeal: that loved and dreaded phrase. We all want our homes to have nice curb appeal but too often just don’t have the time and energy to put into it. And then the day comes when you have to put your house on the market and you realize you haven’t trimmed a tree or planted a flower in ten years. Ouch.

Overgrown lawn

While there is some debate over whether or not curb appeal actually adds value to your home, it will certainly make the house much more aesthetically attractive. Thus, it’s a good idea to start working on your yard even if you have no thought of selling. Angie’s List just published an interesting article on how to properly maintain your trees:

Can tree care increase a home's resale value?

Unfortunately, money doesn't grow on trees. Or does it? Arborists and tree experts say, if properly cared for, trees can greatly increase the aesthetic value of your home with that all-important curb appeal…

Tree pruningIn addition to offering helpful advice, the above article claims that proper tree care can, in fact, increase your home’s value. What it comes down to is essentially that the increase of home value is unimportant when you look at everything else that can be gained.

Scheduled tree trimming, watering and fertilization will keep your trees healthy and consistently growing year after year. What about the money you invest in those tree services? Does it come back to you when you sell your home? …

Even if you’re one of the ones who hasn’t trimmed a tree in ten years, it’s not too late to start. Plant Care Today has some good advice on where to begin. While the quote is aimed at those getting ready to put their houses on the market, it is applicable to anyone who wishes to increase their curb appeal in Leesburg:

“When getting a home ready for sale, every little project that will increase curb appeal while keeping the cost down is a worthwhile one. Simple landscaping jobs add new flare, while also being easy on the wallet. Take a step way back and try to get a sense of the whole area, a fresh perspective. Look at the walkways and borders for clutter. Look at areas that might seem a bit too sparse or barren. Start with those and work out to the whole yard.”

And of course, you can always call an arborist in Leesburg to come out and give you some advice. Remember – you do not have to do everything on your own!

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