Last Week’s Extensive Flooding in Fairfax County

This past Wednesday was a memorable day for those of us living in Fairfax County and surrounding areas. The record-breaking rainfall caused an incredible amount of flooding in Northern Virginia:

Flooding closes roads throughout Fairfax County

Rain battered the area overnight Tuesday and into Wednesday morning, resulting in many Fairfax County roads becoming impassable. …

Flooded roads posed the biggest threat, but backyards and parks were being turned into lakes all over:

A flooded Northern VA field

The sites were a bit more terrifying for those living near a river. I drove past a home who’s entire backyard had flooded. But it had become more than just a lake – the flooded river was literally flowing through their backyard, so high that part of their fence was completely submerged. I wouldn’t be surprised if they saw an entire tree trunk go floating through the yard. To give you an idea of this kind of extensive flooding, here’s a clip of the Rappahannock River near Fredericksburg from last Wednesday:

I can only begin to imagine the kind of wreckage and debris this kind of flooding is going to leave behind. If you’ve found yourself with trees knocked down or carried into your yard from the flooding, contact a good Fairfax tree removal contractor immediately to come get rid of it.

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