Goats in Trees??

Tired of spending all that time trimming the trees in your Burke, Virginia yard? Morocco has found an interesting solution to the problem: goats!

Forget chickens in the trees. Goats are far more entertaining. These goats live in the Moroccan desert where food is scarce. They feed off the fruit of Argan trees, one of the few things that manages to grow in that dry land:

“The Argan tree – scientifically recognized as Argania Spinosa – is an extremely rare little-known tree indigenous to the southwestern Morocco. Due to its extraordinary characteristics, it’s considered one of Morocco’s miraculous resources. … This is [in part] due to its amazing ability to withstand long periods of drought, heath, the chalky poor soil and extremely harsh conditions.” (Source)

Argan fruit, somewhat reminiscent of an avocado, has a fleshy outside layer surrounding a hard core. Locals extract Argan oil from this core, which is used for a variety of things including cooking, shampoo, and skin care. The goats actually excrete the core, which people then gather. A little gross when you think about it, but whatever works!

Argan fruit

Too bad Argan trees don’t grow in Burke. I guess I’ll have to stick with a good tree service company in Burke VA. I’d love to purchase a goat or two to help mow my trees , wouldn’t you?

Goat in Tree

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