Emerald Ash Borers

Spring is in the air! Which also unfortunately means that Emerald Ash Borers are quite likely making their way into your beautiful ash trees in your Woodbridge backyard. Emerald Ash Borers, or EAB, are small, harmless-looking green beetles that are responsible for the death of a huge amount of ash trees in America, China, and Russia. Here’s the kind of damage they can do:

A Far From Boring Insider on EAB and Its Effect on Your Trees

The lean, mean, green eating machines Michigan met in 2002 have since surpassed several levels of destruction in North America. Their presence has expanded, but so has the knowledge required to control a growing, invasive pest population. …

If you have an ash tree you should be concerned about these pests. Watch this video for tips on identifying both the beetle and signs of their presence:

The sad thing is that once the beetles have damaged a tree there is pretty much no chance of the tree recovering. So if you see any signs of EABs on your ash trees you need to contact a trusted tree service in Woodbridge immediately. If the tree has been infected it should be removed as quickly as possible to try to prevent the pests from spreading further. If you’re looking for other ways to help stop the spread in Prince William County, here are a few tips:


The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) beetle has killed tens of millions of trees, destroying our forests, fishing spots, campgrounds and neighborhoods. We need your help to protect our trees. …

Finally, you can visit www.emeraldashborer.info for any and all information on the subject. It’s also the place to go if you’d like to report a sighting.

Take the time and do what you can to prevent the spread of EAB and save America’s ash trees.

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