Creating an Outdoor Living Space

When you live in an area like Gainesville, VA most people have the luxury of a backyard. This opens up a lot of options for creating an outdoor living or entertaining space that you might not have living in a more urban area of Prince William County. The two perhaps most important things to keep in mind when considering transforming your backyard are, A.) What is your focal point? And B.) How much space do you have? Jenne Joy from Yahoo addresses this:

“You can use just about anything as a focal point in an outdoor space, for example, furniture, a fire pit, or even a garden. Just as you would inside your home, you need to think outside the lines and be more creative. … You [also] need to take into consideration the amount of space you have outside. If you've got a small yard … you may not have the space to have a lavish, outdoor area for large parties. Keep things on a scale, it's important to work with the space you have, rather than try to make it into something that isn't there.”

It’s also important to think about what you will be using the outdoor space for. If you only plan to entertain close friends then you can create a smaller, more intimate setting. For those with smaller yards this may be your only option anyway. If, however, you plan on throwing cocktail parties you will want a much more open space with mood lighting and places for people to gather. This article has tips for a huge variety of settings:

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Space

Entertaining is a very personal thing. Each individual, couple or family is unique in how they view gatherings with friends, and what they do during such get-togethers is equally diverse. …

Even if you feel limited by the space you have you might just need to consider some creative landscaping. Trees, for example, can add personality to a space, but an overabundance of them might be claustrophobic. Consider speaking with a Gainesville tree service about removing a tree or two to make some room.

Intimate outdoor setting

If you are blessed with having a large yard then you are practically unlimited in your options. Read the following article for ideas on lighting, seating arrangements, and more:

Space Planning for Outdoor Entertaining

No matter how large or small the group of people you are hosting, the challenge always seems to be how to create a great set-up to ensure 1) everyone’s got a seat, 2) your outdoor space encourages mingling and 3) that everyone has a great time. …

Whatever you choose to do with your yard, remember that it is just that: yours. Get tips and ideas for how best to use your space, but then be creative and make it your own. Why limit yourself?

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