Chainsaw Safety

Chainsaws are simultaneously one of the most common and most dangerous do-it-yourself tools on the market. In case you missed it, last month this story was floating around the internet about a man who accidentally cut his neck with a chainsaw:

Cutting it close: Pa. man survives accident that put chainsaw into his neck

The calendar said March, but Monday clearly was Valentine's day — James Valentine, to be specific — when the 21-year-old Pennsylvania man survived a work accident that sent the razor-sharp teeth…

While this happened in Pennsylvania, it could just as easily have happened to someone in Virginia, even here in Gainesville. What makes this story scarier is that this was a professional arborist who works with chainsaws every day. If this kind of accident could happen to a professional, how much more likely is it for an inexperienced individual trying to operate a chainsaw? You should never work with a chainsaw unless you know what you’re doing and have someone to help you. Here are some good tips to follow:

It is also vitally important that you wear appropriate protective gear. A steel-toed boot instead of a sneaker could save you a toe. Wikipedia has an excellent article on proper chainsaw safety apparel:

Chainsaw safety clothing

Safety practices generally recommend that chainsaw users wear protective clothing, also known as personal protective equipment or PPE, while operating chainsaws. …

Even if you have experience and are comfortable working with a chainsaw, any kind of large tree job should be left to the professionals. A good Gainesville tree service will send an experienced man out to take care of the problem for you. It might cost you a few extra dollars, but wouldn’t you rather that than losing a limb?

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