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In this day and age, with so many do-it-yourself blogs and sources out there, it’s tempting to just assume that you can do everything yourself. And when it comes to performing basic landscaping, yard work, or home improvement tasks, this is a perfectly valid assumption. But what a lot of us are bad at is knowing when a task is too big for us to handle. Most tree care beyond basic trimming work falls into this category. I came across this article today and wanted to share it, because I thought it was pretty powerful:

Trees, Saws and Ladders Don't Mix!

In May of 2011, a Lexington, Kentucky, woman was struck by a falling tree limb and died. According to a local news report, the woman was holding a ladder for her husband, who was standing on it to trim a tree branch caught in a power line. …

The woman killed in this story was from Kentucky, but it could just as easily have happened in a Fairfax, Virginia backyard. Please, please, if you are going to attempt any tree work that involves ladders or large limbs, first contact a Centreville tree service. You don’t even have to hire them to complete the job – you can just have them come out and give their opinion on the project, and whether or not it’s something that you can accomplish safely on your own.

Specialist cutting a tree

Be smart. It just might save a life.

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