Tree Services in Centreville Regional Library – Centreville, VA

The public library is the most well-known and accessible repository of knowledge in any city. In a time where we have unprecedented access to information, yet are more ignorant than ever before, libraries serve as a bastion for free thinking and egalitarianism.

The Centreville Regional Library opened in 1992 and is located at the corner of Machen Road and St. Germain Drive just off Route 29. Centreville Regional Library has over 130,000 items for all ages, including collections in Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese as well as materials that support learning English.

Centreville opened in 1970, after county voters approved funding for the library on November 3, 1967. Located in a lower-level shopping center storefront, Centreville was initially open only part time. The area is best known for its rich Civil War history and it’s long history of dairy farms. The library's present location is on the grounds of a local dairy farm, DeBell Farms. The DeBell farmhouse was relocated off of New Braddock Road and is now a local historical landmark.

Staff here can communicate in the following languages: Arabic, American Sign Language, Farsi, Korean and Spanish.

Datatel Volunteers Organizing Books at CE

Centreville Regional Library is a great place to visit. It has a lot of books to enjoy. If you're looking for something fun to do in Centreville, this library is sure to be the answer!

Tree Trimming near Centreville Regional Library

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Centreville Regional Library Tree Removal

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