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Emerald Ash Borers

Spring is in the air! Which also unfortunately means that Emerald Ash Borers are quite likely making their way into your beautiful ash trees in your Woodbridge backyard. Emerald Ash Borers, or EAB, are small, harmless-looking green beetles that are responsible for the death of a huge amount of ash trees in America, China, and […]

Careful with Your Tree Trimming

Spring is a great time for doing gardening, yard work, and some tree care in Woodbridge. It’s also when most people think about getting dead or dying trees removed. But these early spring months are also when animals are nesting, often in those very trees that you want to chop down: Tree-trimming season dangerous for […]

Spring Brush Fires

With the warmer weather starting to arrive, brush fires have been breaking out in the West Virginia and Maryland areas. Not nearly so far away from our Woodbridge homes as we might wish: Brush fires break out in Prince George, Henrico Two separate brush fires jammed Interstate 295 Friday, with one hotspot in Prince George […]