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Tree services are an excellent way to keep the curb appeal of your property high and your landscape looking its best. However, many homeowners procrastinate regarding tree cutting in Prince William County because they think it is too expensive or too much of a hassle. That’s why hiring a reputable, reasonably priced tree service company is the best option for getting your tree work done without breaking the bank.

How do you know if you need tree care in Prince William County?

Trees often exhibit telltale signs when they need attention. Some of these signs include:

  • Unnatural growth
  • Dead and decaying branches
  • Exposed or damaged roots
  • Leaning too much
  • Disproportionate foliage
  • Storm damage from freezing rain and ice, wind, or lightning
  • Tree pest and insect infestation
  • Disease

When your trees show these or similar signs of trouble, it’s best to call on an arborist to assess the situation. A certified arborist will suggest the most appropriate tree care service to save the tree and bring it back to good health.

Tree Trimming Prince William County

Genesis Tree Service offers most services for both residential and commercial properties including tree trimming, tree pruning, cabling, bracing, insect control treatment, wound dressing application, and more.

Some of the tree pruning services we provide are:

  • Crown Thinning involves removing secondary branches to create a balanced crown structure without affecting the tree’s overall size or shape. It improves light transmission through the canopy, reducing shading. It reduces the crown’s sail effect and the wind loading on the tree’s limbs.
  • Crown Raising, also known as canopy lifting, is a technique for reducing the growth of low branches on a regular basis. More growth is forced in the upper branches as a result of this. This type of tree trimming is best suited to urban settings, such as those found throughout Manassas and Woodbridge. Later, the shortened branches are removed in order to raise the crown and provide more under-clearance. This environmentally friendly method causes less damage to the tree than allowing low branches to grow to a large size before deciding to remove them.
  • Crown Reduction is a safe and healthy pruning technique that reduces the height of a tree or branch by removing only select limbs to the next lateral growth as close to the tree’s frame as possible. This aids in the promotion of faster healing and proper regrowth. When reducing a tree’s crown, no more than 25% of the canopy should be removed at once. Crown reduction also alleviates stress on trees caused by too-heavy branches and decreases the likelihood of them breaking off during storms.
  • Tree Crown Cleaning is the process of removing unhealthy branches from the crown of a tree. Branches that are dying, diseased, crowded, or pose a threat to life or property are removed, leaving only a small portion of the live and healthy crown. Crown cleaning can help ensure a tree’s long-term health and growth.
Tree removal service

Tree trimming and removal services

How much does it cost for tree removal in Prince William County?

Residential tree removal Prince William County can cost anywhere between $250 and $1,500. This has a lot to do with the size of the tree, how tall it is, and whether or not there are roots in the ground. The cost of residential tree removal alone is enough reason for many homeowners to want to forego the service altogether, or even attempt a DIY tree cutting. However, it’s important to consider the safety issues that residential tree removal presents.

Ready to hire a tree service in Prince William County?

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