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Professional tree services are beneficial for promoting healthy trees, improving your home’s curb appeal as well as protecting your home, property, and loved ones from the effects of tree damage. However, these services can be pretty costly. So, if you’re like most homeowners, you probably want to be sure that you are spending your hard-earned cash on a worthy investment. Additionally, you want to be sure that you do need professional tree services.

When do you need professional tree services in Loudoun County?

1. When you see a problem but don’t know what to do

If you suspect that your trees are not as healthy as they should be but don’t know what type of maintenance they require, you’ll be wise to call in the experts. Sometimes the problem is pretty obvious, like when decay is visible on the tree trunk. But without the right experience, you may not be able to tell why your trees are in poor health, and ignoring the problem isn’t going to help.

How can an arborist help?

A certified arborist in Loudoun County can have a look at your trees, identify the cause of the problem and offer solutions that work. For instance, once an arborist diagnoses a sick or dying tree, they may recommend tree pruning. However, if the tree is far too gone, it may need to be removed to protect the surrounding property or vegetation.

What if I know what to do?

Even when you think you can handle the problem yourself, it is unwise to go ahead without doing your research. Every action done to a tree will impact its health either positively or negatively. In other words, you may eliminate one problem only to create multiple problems through a single action.

DIY tree care problems

For instance, if you notice one or more branches splitting, you may be tempted to remove them quickly. When this sort of pruning is done poorly, the wound that is created on the tree could leave it vulnerable to pests and disease. Injury as a result of such attempts is also not uncommon. Therefore, you need to be absolutely sure you know what you’re doing before you choose to perform your own tree care tasks. If unsure, play it safe and hire professional tree services in Loudoun County, VA, for assistance.

What tree pruning services might you need?

Our certified arborists at Genesis Tree Service will safely prune unhealthy or dying trees. Some of our pruning services in Loudoun County, VA include:

  • Crown reduction: reducing a tree’s height for proper growth and promoting faster healing while reducing tree stress caused by heavy branches. It also lowers the likelihood of tree damage during bad weather.
  • Crown cleaning: entails removing damaged, diseased, or dead branches from the tree’s crown that may endanger its health.
  • Crown thinning: the removal of secondary branches in order to improve the crown’s structure, reduce shading and increase light penetration.
  • Crown raising: the process of reducing the growth of low branches, which encourages growth in upper branches and thus ‘raises’ the tree’s crown.

2. When a tree is dead or poses a safety risk

Removing a dead tree is different and a lot more complicated than removing a living one. Dead trees are more brittle and unstable because their structures are often compromised as a result of things like decay, old age, or insect damage. This presents safety issues that you wouldn’t have to deal with when removing a living tree.

In such a case, it is best to call a professional tree service company in Loudoun County to handle the tree removal. If the tree is leaning over, the branches will need to be removed first. The same rule applies when removing a large tree, as you want to avoid putting yourself or your property in harm’s way.

How do you deal with trees touching power lines in Loudoun County?

Untrained individuals attempting to trim trees near power lines put themselves, neighbors, and property at high risk for fire. Further, such a person may also expose themselves to the risk of electrocution because power lines in Loudoun County can carry a current of up to 170,000 volts. In such a case, consider it your civic duty to call a professional to handle the work and eliminate the threat. Professional arborists in Loudoun County will allow you to rest easy knowing you will receive the best care and that your loved ones and property will be kept safe.

Who is responsible for removing a tree that falls in Loudoun County?

When a healthy tree falls down due to bad weather you may not be responsible for removing it if it falls on a roadway, sidewalk, or public place. In such as case, the Loudoun County government may cover the cost of removing it as well as the repairs needed. However, if the tree has fallen within your personal property, then it’s your responsibility to remove it. On the other hand, if the tree was unhealthy or dead and already posed a safety hazard before the storm hit, you may be held liable for its removal as well as any damage caused by its fall.

What should I do when a tree is leaning against my home?

If a tree is resting on or rubbing your house, it probably means that its structure has been compromised. Worse, it may be only a matter of time before the trunk is completely unable to support the tree. This could create a lot of damage (if it hasn’t already), and possible injuries on those nearby.

Tree care risk assessment

As such, it is important to call a certified arborist in Loudoun County to have a look at the tree and determine whether the tree’s structure can be fixed or if the tree needs to be removed. An arborist will look at several things, especially the trunk. For instance, if a third of the trunk is hollow, then the tree will need to be removed. Leaning trees may also be a cause for concern if headed towards a structure or the road.

Arborist performing tree removal in Loudoun County

How much do emergency tree removal services cost in Loudoun County?

The average cost of a typical tree removal job in Loudoun County is between $400 to $1,200, with the majority paying $750. Extreme projects may cost up to $2,000, with small trees costing as little as $200. You’ll pay between $8 and $15 per foot, depending on cost factors such as job complexity and accessibility.

Why are emergency tree services more expensive in Loudoun County?

For emergency tree removal, the cost will likely be higher due to the urgency as well as the safety issues involved. Regardless of the cost, emergency jobs should always be left to professional arborists to avoid unnecessary damage to your property or injuries.

Ready to hire professional tree services in Loudoun County?

There are many reasons for you to seek out professional tree services, some of which have been discussed above. However, it is just as important to work with a tree company that is reputable and that will get the job done to your satisfaction. Tree work not only affects your backyard trees but also your home’s curb appeal and property value. At the end of the day, professional tree services in northern Virginia are an investment you make in your home, so it’s worth making sure it’s a worthwhile one.

Why choose Genesis Tree Service for your tree care needs in Loudoun County?

Genesis Tree Service has certified arborists with many years of experience ready to provide whatever tree service you need for your Loudoun County home. In addition to ensuring that your backyard trees look and feel their best, we’ll also be sure to leave the area clean. You will also receive valuable tips for proper tree maintenance so your trees remain healthy and strong for the long term.

We also strive to offer competitive rates for all our services in Loudoun County. Reach out to us today for your free estimate on the tree work you require. We serve the following areas in Loudoun:

Dulles Town CenterGoose Creek VillageHamiltonHillsboro
KincoraLansdowneLeesburgLoudoun Valley Estates
LovettsvilleLowes IslandMiddleburgMoorefield
Oak GroveOne LoudounPurcellvilleRound Hill
South RidingSterlingStone RidgeSugarland Run
University CenterWaterford

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