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What are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Tree Service in Fairfax County?

Professional tree services come at a cost. Like any responsible homeowner in Fairfax County, you probably want to save as much money as possible. This is especially so when you think about paying for tasks that you feel you could probably perform on your own.

If that’s you, let’s look at what Fairfax VA tree service companies bring to the table. Becoming a certified arborist in Fairfax County is no small feat. A person must go through rigorous training before they can offer tree services for pay. Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you invest in professional tree services in Fairfax County include:


Grooming trees requires effort and time. Hiring a professional arborist means that you’ll save time and energy taking care of your trees. Because Fairfax County arborists are well-versed in tree care, they will know exactly what needs to be done and how best to do it. Additionally, they have all the necessary equipment that’s needed to get the job done, so you don’t have to worry about buying or renting any equipment that you don’t currently own for your tree care tasks.

Do you care about saving time and money?

Most tree service companies in Fairfax County also include cleaning or the collection of debris as part of their service package. This means that when you hire professional tree services, your tree care tasks will always take a fraction of the time it would take you to do them yourself.

Knowledge on Proper Tree Trimming

Any tree trimming or pruning action will impact the tree’s health, whether positively or negatively. It takes knowledge and experience to be able to tell beforehand what the result of any particular action will be. For instance, over-pruning is not good for the tree’s survival because it can lead to faster aging. In contrast, pruning too little could compromise the tree’s ability to protect itself from diseases, pests, and other threats.

Why are local tree professionals in Fairfax County your best option for proper tree care?

Local arborists in Fairfax County have an intimate knowledge of the trees in this area. This means they are best placed to offer useful guidance on how to take care of your trees. You can also count on them to provide tree care services for the best results. When you work with a professional arborist, you may not at first understand why they take certain actions when caring for your trees. However, you’ll soon appreciate their knowledge and skills when you see the outcome.

Unfortunately, many homeowners in Fairfax County only think about tree services when it has to do with their trees looking pretty, or when it becomes obvious that the trees could die. It’s important to note that tree services are most important for maintaining the good health of your trees.

Tree Care Safety

Working with trees can be a dangerous task. Large trees, for instance, can be dangerous due to their sheer weight and height. There is also a lot of risk with tree trimming. For example, branches can snap back from the tree when they are cut, which could lead to serious injuries. Risks that may occur include falling branches, tripping, and hurting one’s limbs.

What safety factors should you consider when caring for your trees?

There are also other safety factors to consider when it comes to your Fairfax County property and what’s around it: power lines, wood that is decaying, and equipment. For instance, some tree tasks require the use of power tools, which could also create the risk of injury or accidentally damaging property.

Trained tree service professionals are experienced in all kinds of tree care tasks, so they will be able to help you avoid any of these risks. In particular, certified arborists in Fairfax County, VA are trained in the proper safety protocols required when providing tree services, so they will know exactly what to do to guarantee safety. They will also have all the safety gear required for the job that you as a homeowner probably lack.

Therefore, it is always best to have professional tree services come out and do the work for you. Not only will you keep yourself and your loved ones safe, but you will also minimize if not eliminate the possibility of damaging your property.

Insurance For Tree Service in Fairfax County

Because of the safety risks associated with tree work, professional tree companies in Fairfax County are required to provide liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance for their workers. Liability insurance helps prevent disputes in case a tree worker is injured on your property. It also covers the cost of damage to your property in case of damage resulting from the tree service work performed there.

How can homeowners protect themselves from liability?

Insurance is something that homeowners need to pay very close attention to, especially when you need tree removal work done or if you have large trees that need trimming. As a rule, always discuss coverage of the contractor before beginning work, and request to see their certificate of insurance. If there is any hesitation to provide this information, it could be a red flag that the workers are not covered.

When an uninsured worker performs tree service tasks on your property and is injured, you will be held liable for the injuries they sustain. You will also not receive compensation in Fairfax County in case your property is damaged. In fact, if you are unsure about a tree service company’s reputation, it is advisable to call the insurance company yourself. Ask them to send you the tree company’s insurance certificate directly.

Enhance Your Property Value

Trees provide beauty to your yard. Even more importantly, when it’s time to sell your home, well-maintained trees can increase the value of your Fairfax property. In contrast, trees that are poorly cared for can deter prospective buyers or lower the price they are willing to pay for the home. Curb appeal plays a huge role in the decision to buy a home, and your trees are part of that equation.

Why are routine tree services better for your property value in Fairfax County?

Homeowners whose trees receive regular care are more likely to reap a monetary benefit when the time comes to sell their homes. For instance, a tree that has been properly trimmed since it was young is more likely to grow into the desired shape and have fewer issues like protruding branches, obstruction, or interference with power lines. In fact, certified tree trimmers in Fairfax County have the knowledge and skills to shape trees during trimming, creating an appealing piece of art.

Homeowners who only hire professional tree services when it is time to sell their houses in Fairfax, VA cannot possibly enjoy such benefits, and it often shows in the offers made by prospective buyers.

Genesis Tree Service: What Can Fairfax County Residents Expect?

When you hire us for your tree care needs in Fairfax County, here’s what you can expect:

  • Friendly and consistent communication before, during and after your tree service appointment
  • Timely provision of free estimates when you contact us for the first time
  • Experienced and certified arborists who will provide expert tree services
  • Vital tree care advice that you’ll find useful for maintaining the health of your trees
  • Convenience: we’ll do all the heavy work and clean up any debris after the job is done
  • Amazing results as you watch your trees become strong and healthy

What tree care services are offered by Genesis Tree Service in Fairfax County?

The most common services for which Fairfax, VA residents hire us include:

Tree Trimming and Pruning:

Whether you have young or mature trees, periodic tree trimming and pruning will make your trees more healthy, safer, and attractive. Depending on the species, our arborists will know exactly what needs to be done and when it should be done for the best long-term results.

Our tree trimming services include:

  • Crown cleaning: removing the dead, diseased or damaged branches of the tree’s crown that could threaten its health.
  • Crown raising: reducing the growth of low branches, which in turn encourages growth in upper branches to ‘raise’ the tree’s crown.
  • Crown thinning: removing secondary branches to improve the crown’s structure, encourage light penetration and reduce shading.
  • Crown reduction: reducing the height of a tree to encourage faster healing and proper growth while limiting tree stress from heavy branches. It also reduces the risk of tree damage during storms.

Fairfax County Tree Removal:

In some cases, a tree becomes too weak or damaged and cannot be saved. We have the right skills and equipment to ensure such a tree is removed safely so that your property, as well as surrounding vegetation, remains in optimal condition. We also provide emergency tree removal services in Fairfax County.

Stump Grinding and Removal:

When a tree is removed, you can choose to get rid of the stump or leave it in place. If you choose the former, our Fairfax, VA tree service crew will grind it down to the ground level or completely remove it using safe chemicals that will get rid of the roots as well.

Other Tree Services:

  • Land clearing
  • Tree Felling
  • Storm Cleanup
  • Bush Hogging
  • Brush Removal

Ready to hire a tree service in Fairfax County?

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