Careful with Your Tree Trimming

Spring is a great time for doing gardening, yard work, and some tree care in Woodbridge. It’s also when most people think about getting dead or dying trees removed. But these early spring months are also when animals are nesting, often in those very trees that you want to chop down:

Tree-trimming season dangerous for some wildlife

CARTERVILLE – Sprucing up the yard for spring sometimes involves removing what has died to make room for new life. But Beverly Shofstall, owner of Free Again Wildlife Rehabilitation Center north of…

Obviously if a dead or dying tree is a danger to you and your family you should have it removed despite whatever wildlife might be living in it. But if possible, the best option is to wait until the fall to remove it. Or, if you feel threatened by falling branches, you might consider removing the branches and leaving the trunk for awhile.

Baby squirrel being fed with a syringe Baby squirrel in hand

For more details on how best to work on trees without injuring its inhabitants, read below:

Stop! Don't prune those trees!

Is there a tree or bush in your yard that needs some pruning? Planning to trim it this weekend? WildCare asks you to please stop and consider the time of year– if it's spring or summer, animals of all species may be using your tree as a nursery even as you read this! …

And of course, if you come across an orphaned baby bird or squirrel contact your Prince William County, VA wildlife center immediately.

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