Careful with Your Tree Trimming

Spring is a great time for doing gardening, yard work, and some tree care in Woodbridge. It’s also when most people think about getting dead or dying trees removed. But these early spring months are also when animals are nesting, often in those very trees that you want to chop down: Tree-trimming season dangerous for […]

Genesis Tree Service Expands Into Fairfax, VA

The following is a press release that was just published about our recent expansion into Fairfax County, Virginia: Genesis Tree Service has finally expanded to Fairfax County, Virginia. The tree service contractor’s services have continued to be received positively across northern Virginia and its entry into Fairfax is expected to benefit homeowners and businesses. ( […]

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Creating an Outdoor Living Space

When you live in an area like Gainesville, VA most people have the luxury of a backyard. This opens up a lot of options for creating an outdoor living or entertaining space that you might not have living in a more urban area of Prince William County. The two perhaps most important things to keep […]

Helping Deforestation in America

When you live in a highly populated, urban area like Leesburg it often feels like there’s nothing you can do to help with deforestation problems in America. You can’t plant a tree in any of the public areas. If you’ve got a small yard with a tree or two you can talk to a Leesburg tree […]

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“April Showers Bring May Flowers…”

If you’re thinking of adding a garden to your Centreville, VA home this year, now is the time to start. The weather is still cool but we should have seen the last of overnight freezes. To start off, decide if you want a flower or vegetable garden, and do a little research into what grows […]

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Leesburg Curb Appeal

Curb appeal: that loved and dreaded phrase. We all want our homes to have nice curb appeal but too often just don’t have the time and energy to put into it. And then the day comes when you have to put your house on the market and you realize you haven’t trimmed a tree or […]

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National Arbor Day This Friday!

Want to make a difference in your Gainesville, Virginia community? Why not start with something simple? Celebrate National Arbor Day by planting a tree! National Arbor Day, celebrated in 40 different countries, was originated in order to encourage people to plant and care for trees: History of Arbor Day Arbor Day—which literally translates to “tree” […]

Spring Brush Fires

With the warmer weather starting to arrive, brush fires have been breaking out in the West Virginia and Maryland areas. Not nearly so far away from our Prince William County homes as we might wish: Brush fires break out in Prince George, Henrico Two separate brush fires jammed Interstate 295 Friday, with one hotspot in […]

Spring Peach Tree Pruning

It felt like it would never come. This seemingly endless Fairfax winter just wouldn’t leave, every time we thought we’d seen the last of it. Amidst the particularly late snows some of us may have found ourselves quoting the Chronicles of Narnia: “Always winter, never Christmas.” But we can’t deny it any more – spring […]

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Those Leesburg Squirrels…

Like many of us who live in Northern Virginia or the Loudoun County area, I live in an area with a lot of trees. A lot of trees usually means a lot of birds, so we have a large variety of feeders out on our deck. However, a lot of trees also means a lot […]

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