What’s the Best Time of Year for Tree Trimming in Fair Oaks, VA?

While the best time of year for tree trimming varies from one region to another, most trees in Virginia should be pruned during the early winter months when they become dormant. This is a time when the foliage has receded making it easier to prune limbs at their base where they grow from the main trunk. If you plan on pruning a tree in Fair Oaks, VA, during the winter months, make sure you do it early in the season. If you wait too long and allow for extreme freezing temperatures to set it, you run the risk of the tree becoming brittle which causes more potential for damage.

Tree trimming in Fair Oaks VA

Tree trimming with a pruning saw

However, trimming can certainly be done outside of the winter months for specific needs. A few examples of this would be cases of landscape tree trimming or ornamental tree trimming, where pruning is done for shaping trees and hedges. Pruning for aesthetics shouldn't affect the health of the plant so it is perfectly fine to do at pretty much any time of year.

Tree Trimming 101: Common Methods and Techniques for Pruning

Pruning is the process of removing all or a portion of a tree's branches to promote its health and vigor or for aesthetic purposes. There are many pruning methods available but we are only going to cover the most common techniques used for trees in Virginia. Keep in mind that the methods listed below are just a few examples of ways to prune trees.

A great way to learn how to prune your tree is to follow along with The Basics of Tree Pruning video and then practice some of the cuts and techniques described. Before beginning any type of pruning, make sure to first identify the species of tree that you are pruning.

Note: Always consult with a professional before any tree trimming or pruning and always do your research to make sure that you are doing the right thing.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the most popular tree pruning method. Crown thinning is performed to reduce limbs and foliage from the crown of the tree. This will increase air space, light penetration and overall size of the tree. Crown thinning is best performed in winter when foliage has died back and is dry. Crown thinning can be done in one or two rounds depending on the size of the tree. The goal is to create as many flat surfaces to allow light penetration. It is very important to make sure the pruning cuts are clean and straight.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a tree pruning method for older, more mature trees. The goal of crown reduction is to remove old growth while encouraging new to create a tree with a natural appearance. Crown reduction is performed in two stages. The first stage is a detailed tree survey and the second stage is crown thinning, which will remove small branches from the center of the crown leaving more open space for new growth.

Fairfax arborist recommending tree crown cleaning service

Fairfax arborist explaining which tree pruning methods are best

Crown Cleaning

Crown cleaning is a tree cleanup method for the removal of dead, diseased, and broken branches from trees. This method is performed with the help of a tree climber, who will climb the tree and remove branches by hand. This method is commonly used to remove dead or dying limbs from large, mature trees.

What tools are needed for pruning trees?

Safe tree trimming is usually done using tools specifically designed for pruning. Some people might be tempted to try a chainsaw, but this is often overkill for pruning. The power of a chainsaw is too great for the thin branches of trees and the risk of injury is too high. Pruning saws, power pruners, or pole saws may be needed for trimming larger tree limbs and stems close to the tree's trunk where the girth of the branch is thicker.

For most small trimming jobs, however, q pair of pruning shears are all that is needed for cutting branches and stems that are further away from the trunk.

A tree trimming service in Fairfax uses these tree pruning tools

Common tools for tree trimming

How much does professional tree trimming cost in Fair Oaks, VA?

The cost of tree trimming in Fair Oaks, VA depends on what type of tree you have, where it is located and the size of the job. The average cost for trimming a tree is $150. That includes general clean-up of the tree, removal of dead and diseased branches, pruning and shaping the tree's canopy.

The cost will also depend on what is to be done with the tree debris. Will the Fairfax tree company pile tree debris on-site for burning or composting or will it be chipped into mulch to be used for landscaping?

Since most tree services are busy in the summer and quiet in the winter, winter is a good time to get a price quote because you will save yourself 20-30% minimum.

How to find a good tree trimming professional in Fairfax

If you live in Fair Oaks, reaching out to a local Fairfax County arborist is a good idea. An arborist is a qualified tree care specialist that can be hired on-site to assess the condition of your trees and provide you with a quote for the services they offer. They'll also be able to suggest the best tree removal company in the event that you need a tree removed.

Genesis Tree Service Fairfax has been trimming and pruning trees in Fair Oaks and the greater Fairfax County area since 2007. We have vast experience with tree care and maintenance for trees native to Virginia and know how to keep them healthy and looking their best year round. Give us a call today to schedule free estimates for tree trimming by qualified “arborists near me”.

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