Choosing the Best Shade Trees in Virginia for Your Dunn Loring Home

Why are shade trees important?

Shade trees are an important part of Fairfax County landscapes because they offer energy savings to homeowners, environmental benefits, and provide a place to cool off and escape the sun in hot weather. The best shade trees also serve as a natural filter for water, removing pollutants and increasing the quality of any nearby water source. Shade trees are also important because they provide habitat for birds, insects, and wildlife. Planting large trees along your property lines also act as a natural privacy and sound barrier which helps to increase property value, especially in a densely populated area like Dunn Loring. Before you plant a tree, consider which trees will best fit your needs for your yard.

Red Maple shade tree recommended by an arborist from Genesis Tree Service Fairfax

Red Maple tree providing shade for a Dunn Loring home

Which type of shade tree should you choose?

The types of shade trees you should choose depends on what your landscaping needs are. Since shade trees have different purposes, it is important to consider what you want the tree to do for your yard. Before you decide which type of shade tree you want to plant, consider the following:

  • What is your yard's sun exposure?
  • Are you planting the tree in a corner or in the center of the yard?
  • What kind of landscaping are you planning to do around the tree?
  • Would you like the tree to have more than one or two trunks, and if so, how many?
  • How high do you want the trunk of the tree to be?
  • Are you looking for a shade tree for a particular purpose, such as privacy or screening?
  • Are you looking for a large tree with big branches, or a small shrub?
  • What are your plans for the full shade tree after you plant it?

Having an answer to some of these questions can help you decide on which trees are best for your specific situation. It is important to choose a tree species native to the region though, so that it will thrive and grow strong. You can always contact a certified arborist in Fairfax to inquire about which types of trees will grow best in your yard.

Which fast growing trees can provide good shade in northern Virginia?

The list of trees that can provide good shade in northern Virginia is long, but some of the more popular include:

American Beech: The American Beech tree is a fast growing tree that provides ample shade. It is often listed as one of the best trees for northern Virginia. The American Beech tree is also known as the White Ash tree, a variation of which can be found growing in parts of Virginia.

American Hornbeam: The American Hornbeam tree is also known as the Black Ash, and is a very popular shade tree because it grows quickly.

Jefferson Elm: The Jefferson Elm tree grows well in Virginia, and is a good choice for shade.

Magnolia: The Magnolia tree is a fast growing shade tree that can provide plenty of shade.

Pecan: Pecan trees are deciduous trees good for shade and provide a yearly nut harvest.

Red Maple: The Red Maple tree is a deciduous shade tree that can provide lots of shade.

Red Oak: The American Red Oak tree is a popular shade tree, and is suitable for northern Virginia.

An American Beech Tree is one of the best shade trees in Virginia

American Beech in full autumn color

What are the best shade trees for your house?

The best trees for your house are those that are native to your area and will grow in the conditions you have. Native trees grow best in Dunn Loring, and are the most resistant to diseases. Shade trees are hardy, and will live in almost any conditions. In fact, some shade trees can survive a severe freeze. The best shade trees for your home will contain the following traits:

1. They need to be hardy enough to withstand harsh winters and hot summers.

2. They need to be resistant to diseases, and can withstand the effects of severe weather.

3. They must be able to tolerate your local conditions, such as wind and freezing rain.

You should also consider how the tree you choose will blend with your yard's appearance. You'll probably want to plant trees whose foliage compliments the colors and density of the other landscaping plants in your yard. There are some beautiful Virginia flowering trees for shade that produce stunning flowers during the bloom cycle. Virginia evergreen trees are great trees for full shade year round.

Contact a professional tree care company in Fairfax

Dunn Loring is an area in eastern Fairfax County where trees provide both privacy and shade. Choosing the best tree for your lawn requires a little planning and research. We hope this guide has provided you with some ideas to investigate further. If you want a professional opinion however, contact Genesis Tree Service Fairfax to schedule a free estimate for tree care services including arborist consultations.

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